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- عکسهای مهناز افشار

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Just to prove that night feeling, but this time, why his own momentary loss, just think she was too excited, too do not match, the one used to do not like too much explanation, the most efficient and simple manner in which they are It is in this way betting live in her mouth at the same time, to prove that his decision will not change. Her lip is soft and smooth, aromatic Qingtu also deemed to rain petals, sweet and gentle, they could not bear to let go once stained, the slightest warm breath deeply moved by Ouyang Chen Wind senses, so that his heart Pan the ripples since there has never been, and love / soft to be unrelated. Twenty-eight heartstrings of silence was instantly touched! Ouyang Zi TM, this time extremely sober. True worth of instruments used?" Zheng Tianlong said, Bai Jianyun on the side of an adder take over carefully observe care in the palm of the hand, found to be a turtle, but the head of the turtle is the leading four legs standing on a pile of coins and ingot. Dragon turtle, is the incarnation of the Dragon and turtle, Ancient Dragon born son of one of the auspicious, Turtle, turtle tail outwards made evil solution Eritrea effect, leading toward the home blessed with . " Zheng Tianlong stunned for a moment, he found these words as if already in their own minds, get to adder the hands carefully looked after suddenly run out. Feng Shui says: 'To fast hair, fighting the three evil' main auspicious Lucky on the financial position, put in robbery evil dragon turtle, disaster evil-year-old evil evil bit can be played to resolve the role. " "Ah, look." Zheng Tianlong this time long ago has taken control of their feelings, simply do not see a trace of strange surface. "OK." Luo, hesitated a moment, he had originally Sun column debunked do not want to stay here, but eventually handed the hands of the instruments used Zhengtian Long. 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Fighting back eyes of tears Italy, Ouyang Zi TM, after a forked hissed, turned and rushed out of the office This time, Ouyang Chen wind did not stop, eye color complex watching her back disappeared in the office door, before slowly raising his hand to touch on the burning left cheek, the heart is also extremely complex. Tightly closed eyes closed, open again, trace Qingming stripped out from deep black eyes like the sea. Heart unwavering voice gently sounded, Ouyang Zi of TM,'s discourse also firm: TM, TM, the people of the world, even if negative, I would not have a negative you! Weng Yue days as Wenjing covered with blankets, the bedroom lights off, and this out. He has given her to take care of, like family carefully, but this, I totally did not feel. As if is so natural, he do that is to follow your own mind. But he does not know what to do these things, Wenjing, how shocking. Wenjing lying on the soft bed in a daze, she felt like in a dream ... such a beautiful room, so comfortable beds, quilts and pillows so soft ... suddenly she becomes a princess in a fairy tale all too unreal, but has chosen to happen to her. Fate is so amazing, do not know about tomorrow, the future will be how, how will he ... Wenjing unwittingly fell asleep, but her subconscious fear former life deeply, and even dream can not get rid of the shadows, and soon began to dream of the mother and sister that hideous face, waving the whip hit her ! How his voice is so nice it magic? Her good fast heartbeat, breathing began instability ...Weng Yue days become inexplicable and soft eyes, the pupil of the eye end of the trace complex look standing next Liangyu Chen keen to capture ... Liangyu Chen could not believe my eyes ... he should be seen in the eyes of Weng Yue days "spoiled" Oh no ...... is dazzled ...... Oh ...... MGD, it is true, not vertigo! "Is not anxious? Do not worry, I'll be right back, waiting for me." Weng Yue days of very light tone, but it has a reassuring taste. The phone and the sound came twice sucked snot, in response to his? Dialogue, he said he is not bored, listening to the sound of her suck snot and her breath, light shallow breathing sound, he could imagine her expression must be laughing, with look forward to ...... Even though she did not say a word, he would understand what she meant, that was enough. The silence speaks, this mysterious feeling, haunting, beautiful. Weng Yue days after hanging up the phone, just moist look suddenly disappeared, replaced by calm water. Liangyu Chen That they recovered, exclaimed: "Weng morphed effort must be called one, admire admire!" Weng Yue days not complain, pinch the hands of the cigarette butts put out, stand up, pat shoulders Liangyu Chen:

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